Friday thoughts – 8/22/14

1. Sorry for the absence, life sometimes has a way of getting in the way of writing blog posts. 

2.This post by @The_OMPT gives a great recap on how to explain manual therapy to patients.

3. When you work in a state with direct access, it is always important to keep up with red flags, both for the health of the patient, but also to protect your livelihood. Here is a nice summary of red flags to look for from a self-referring patient.

4. About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a dry needling course put on by American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. I enjoyed the course and learned a great deal about dry needling and it was also nice to have a thorough recap of human anatomy and pain pathways. One of the greatest strengths of the course is that they acknowledge the shortcomings of trigger point theory, so the aim of treatment is more encompassing and can range anywhere from muscle to connective tissue to neural tissue.

5. Next up on the reading list is A Guide to Better Movement by Todd Hargrove.

6. The nights have been down in the 60s, please don’t tell me that summer is almost over.

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