Friday Thoughts – 8/1/14

1. Congrats to all the DPT students who passed the NPTE. Now go make some $$$.


2. Breathing is something that all of us do, we do it all day, and it uses a bunch of different muscles. Yet it is frequently ignored in rehab. The Manual Therapist (@The_OMPT) wrote a great post on 5 cues to assist with breathing education.

3. As physical therapists try to move towards more autonomy, it is more important than ever that we keep up to date with red flags for various condition. This will help both protect ourselves, and help protect the patients. Here is a comprehensive review of red flags for LBP, a must read for any PT.


4. I have not yet taken a course by NAIOMT (though I am taking one in October), but I did come across this post on “The Rules of Manual Therapy” by Brett Windsor, PT, and I subscribe to a lot of what he has to say.


5. Is this really the first day of August? Where has the summer gone?

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