Saturday thoughts – 7/26/14

1. This really should be Friday thoughts but what can I say, I was really lazy yesterday.

2. This is a very serious, and very interesting piece via@CynicalPT for intermediate level therapists, and how to be the best that they can be


3. As some how struggles with hip mobility, I can appreciate some these higher levels anterior hip stretches via @mobilityWOD

4. Can your scapular anatomy impact that likelihood of developing a degenerative  rotator cuff tear?  Maybe. Hopefully this does not mean that they start doing elective acromioplasties on healthy shoulders.


5. Apparently graft types for an ACL recontruction have no impact on developing knee OA. I would like to see more research on whether its the ACL that’s the important piece, or bone bruising and meniscus tearing that is really the culprit.

6. Just because we think we know about pain and the brain, does not mean we really know about pain and the brain. Interesting “case study” via @The_OMPT


7. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or leave feedback. My skin is only moderately thin.

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